A Note from Blake W

Rev BioI’m so glad to be here.

Married to Deb, and so thankful and blessed that we have been able to serve together in ministry since before we were married. I’m a proud parent and enthusiastic spoiler of my grandchildren. Wow, they’re fun! 

I’ve enjoyed decades in ministry . . . preaching, teaching, and helping organizations raise funding to use for the Lord’s people.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading Christian books of all types especially historical fiction. Most would consider it weird, but I really enjoy cutting the grass and caring for the landscape of our home: It’s a close-up view of God’s wonderful creation and an opportunity to be a good steward.

Most of all, I love seeing how the Lord works in and through lives–both in wonderful blessings and in unwelcome suffering, losses and trials. He is always faithful in every and all circumstances. I marvel at the ways He takes that which is intended for evil and turns it into good. 

I’m so grateful for God’s amazing grace and I consider myself blessed to have personally witnessed the many ways God transforms and uses His people. 

My prayer is not that I would do great things for the kingdom, but that the Lord would simply allow me to be in the vicinity when He does great things.