A Note from Christi G

Christi-Gee-Cheerio-Trail 2Christi Gee can be found at The Cheerio Trail ~ named for a trick she learned while teaching her three children to “cruise.” She learned that placing cheerios on the couch at strategic intervals would keep her children going. She has a passion for identifying the bits of ‘how-to,’ humor, and hope that help others get from here to there, and she celebrates the baby steps and the work done “in between” the milestones and victories of life.

She married her high school sweetheart 26 years ago. They have three children of their own and one by marriage – their son’s wife. After spending all their married life on the Texas Gulf Coast, they now live in Virginia.

Her professional background is in development and marketing. She served for many years as Director of Development and Marketing at a private K-12 school and as a director in the Marketing department for Liberty University.

However, she says that her favorite parts of life have had very little connection with what someone paid her to do. The four years spent homeschooling when her children were older were the most exhausting — yet rewarding — time of life. Two decades full of children’s ministry, teaching junior high Bible, and loving on other women of her churches rank a close second.

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