Dear Teens Who Used To Hang At Our House

Dear Teens

Dear Teens Who Used To Hang At Our House,

I owe you a huge apology. And, realizing it is thirty years later? I am still offering it because I think by doing so someone else might learn from my mistake.

I loved every minute of you being at our little 619 house – it was just a tad bigger than what is being called a “teeny house” today. Remember that huge sectional we had in the living room that literally filled the entire room? The bookcase with the stereo and tv?  You guys loved being there. I believe it was a safe place for you, lots of laughs, and unlimited unconditional love. You weren’t afraid to share things with us and I think we were pretty good at hiding our shock reaction! I think I gave you sound advice although I didn’t have the wisdom I have now.

Truth be told, I was a mess back then. You see, I was on a fast road to destruction. No, I wasn’t on drugs or anything like that – but I was on a journey of sorts. A journey of my own doing, one that would take me away from God. I was mad at Him. Like, fist in the air, MAD. It doesn’t even matter why – I just was.

I’ve been thinking about y’all a lot lately. Praying for you too. Back then at 619, I knew truth but because of my own sin I couldn’t face my mistakes and by doing so I let you down.

I’m not mad at God any longer – in fact, I’m crazy in love with Him because after all my mess, He still welcomed me and took me in. He even forgave me for all the junk I did. Loving God, receiving His forgiveness, comes with responsibility and that’s what this letter is all about. I wish I had told you “then”…but I was in my own mess and well, it just wasn’t on my list of priorities. But, today, I want to tell you. This has NOTHING to do with religion – nothing at all.

God loves YOU. Just the way you are.  In fact, He loves you so much He gave His Son to die for you. On a cross. Heinous death. But because His Son was God in a sense, the grave couldn’t hold Him and He rose from the dead – His friends saw Him, ate with Him, walked with Him. Kind of like a dead man walking! Jesus then went back to heaven’s glory, where He is today.

The other day I got news that a young man died and I thought to myself, what if he had sat in my house all those years ago and because I didn’t share the Truth with him, he died and went to an eternal hell? I hope and pray that someone shared Jesus with him and he believed. I just couldn’t bear the thought of hearing news about YOU.

So, I’m telling you now. Jesus Christ gave His life so that you can have an eternal life with Him, and me, in heaven! It will be like a big, huge 619 celebration! This Easter season, I encourage you to close your eyes and with a pure heart, ask God to reveal Himself to you – He will. It takes so little to believe, a heart that is willing and open. Will you do that for me, your “other mother,” from the 80’s? I want a re-do of 619…forever!

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes on Him will have eternal life. John 3.16





  1. Meg Gemelli says:

    Wow. What a powerful post! The honesty and the guidance you give in hindsight is just so beautiful. Thank you for giving all of us a glimpse into who you are and “why” you are. I’m happy to be visiting from #beauty today.

    I pray your week is wonderful!

  2. Ifeoma Samuel says:

    I love love this, Susan. God Bless your heart!
    I am grateful for the encouragement to share the word with little and available opportunity we have.
    God Bless and tight hugs to you.

  3. Michele Morin says:

    You are doing this mama heart so much good this morning! I love the kids that my kids bring home, and I hope they can feel it in the mountains of food that I pile on the table when they are here . . . but I need to open my mouth, or I will be writing the same letter in a decade or so.
    Thanks, Susan. I love learning from you!
    Michele Morin recently posted…The Light of ResurrectionMy Profile

  4. stuckinindiana says:

    Love this Susan! Isn’t it funny how we think we are so wise at a young age. And, then when we get old & other people think we are wise we realize that we still have a lot to learn. Thanks for this post!

  5. beth willis miller says:

    WOW! Susan! what a great letter! such a reflection of God’s love for us…oh, that we could keep our children and their friends from making choices we know they will regret when they’re our age…we know God works all things together for good, but it would a blessing not to have so many bad choices in the mix…you’ve said it so well. Many blessings to you sweet friend!

  6. ~Karrilee~ says:

    Oh my goodness, how I adore you! And how I LOVED loved loved having a house full of teens… I miss it – as crazy as that may sound to some! Just by providing a warm and safe place during those years is such a gift… for them and for you! Praying God works and waters the seeds that were planted! Let’s not forget how often He works through us despite… (fill in the blank!) – He is good like that! xoxo

  7. Anita Ojeda says:

    What a beautiful apology! I think we all have moments when we don’t share our message because we’re angry, discouraged or upset. But your words have so much power now BECAUSE of that relationship back in the day! Praise be to God that he can use us any time.

  8. Robyn says:

    Beautiful Susan! I am enjoying the last few years with teens hanging out at our house. Most recently we had 12 high school boys over for a very enthusiastic Passover dinner. Such a privilege. Thanks for these words.

  9. Bev Duncan @ Walking Well With God says:

    I truly hope that your teen’s friends will be able to read this. If they knew you then and know you now…what a testimony your life is to them. God can and does use the ashes in our life to bring beauty and demonstrate His glory. You never know what message your life is sharing and with whom.
    Blessings friend,
    Bev xx

  10. Donna @ Soul Survival says:

    Susan, our house was much the same with lots of kids hanging out. We could have done much better at sharing Christ, but by God’s grace we have seen several of them come to know Him. Last year he was able to marry one of them after he and his fiance had found their way to our church. I rejoice every time I see them. What a faithful God we serve! Thanks for sharing. I’m visiting today from “Sitting Among Friends.” Blessings!

  11. Elizabeth Spencer says:

    Thank you for this, Susan. Lately, we’ve had an unsaved young man hanging around our house a lot. I feel guilty: he’s here because I let my Christian daughter date him. (Epic mom mistake.) But I’ve also been sensing that God wants our family to be lights for Christ in his otherwise fairly lonely life. Your words here encourage me to keep on keeping on. And to keep praying.
    Elizabeth Spencer recently posted…10 Things I Don’t Wish I’d Done Differently As a Mom (Part 2)My Profile

  12. Ginger Harrington says:

    I miss those house full days, and I really appreciate your thoughts on this. How heart-breaking to lose one of these teens that grew up visiting your home. You bring up a poignant reminder to take every opportunity to share Christ and encourage faith! Linking with you today:)

  13. Sue Donaldson says:

    wow susan – our house too and did i do/say enough for all those hurting kids? praying that yours and mine find God’s love/truth – even this beautiful post from you today. glad to know you. xx

  14. Beth says:

    I love your vulnerability here, Susan. But what I love more than that is the message you are sharing to anyone who came or didn’t come to your house back then. Now you clearly tell of Christ’s love and salvation–something none of us should ignore since we do not know the hour of our deaths. Thanks for being that bold voice for the Lord now, my friend! I pray it makes an eternal difference for many!
    Beth recently posted…Resurrect Me from the Pull of My Desires And LinkupMy Profile

  15. Tiffany Parry says:

    Oh, Susan – I love this. My son just turned 13 and our heart is (as much as a clean freak as I am) to have our home be the place he and his friends gather. To be that safe place for them to bring their messes and to be loved. Powerful conviction here to be sure that we deliver the good news as we receive them into our home. Thank you for sharing this with us and for doing so with such honesty.

  16. Merry Geary says:

    What a wonderful post to the teens Sue. Our Jupiter Farms home used to house many when Johnny was young. From the trampoline, pond, horse n ATV’s I knew where mine was if he was home with friends. They ate all our food snacks but were all good kids. We never talked GOD back then. Now wiser and older for sure I too wish my own mistakes will make a difference in someone else’s life. Kids/adults: Christ is the only thing u need because in the end all the good deeds, money/possessions won’t get you into heaven. We can’t take it with us. What we can take is believing Christ died for our sins n ask his forgiveness and let him come into our hearts. Thank you Jesus for loving me through all my faults. Amen!

  17. Nancy Gladwin says:

    Susan, what a beautiful letter to those young people (and all who read it) you shared life with back then. I too, had opportunities to share and didn’t. I write today for my grown up girls. Growing up, they didn’t see me reading my Bible on a regular basis, we often missed church for soccer games, it’s one of my biggest regrets. I’ve given it to God and pray daily the words I speak to them will have an everlasting affect without being preachy. Thank you for sharing your heart – God bless your day!

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