How I Moved from Fear to Faith

Fear creeps up unexpectedly. Grabbing hold and preventing forward movement. But there's hope - I moved from fear to faith and you can too.

Standing safely behind the metal fence, looking out across the valley, I caught sight of distant buildings.   “That’s our city!”, I exclaimed.

Fear creeps up unexpectedly. Grabbing hold and preventing forward movement. But there's hope - I moved from fear to faith and you can too.

As my eyes drifted downward I glimpsed my sandled toes precariously close to the crumbling edge of the pavement. My body seemed to tip forward of it’s own accord.  Fear gripped and dizziness overwhelmed.  Clutching the railing I closed my eyes,  planted my feet wide, and breathed deep.

Fear dissolved as I reminded myself that the asphalt pavement and the barrier fence were more than enough to keep me from tumbling down into the cavern below.

Many of us spend an awful lot of time fearing things that never come to pass. This in spite of God’s promises to us that He will never leave or forsake us (Deut. 31:6); that He’ll supply all our needs (Phil. 4:19); that He works all things together for good (Rom. 8:28), just to name a few.

I write and teach about freedom in Christ.  It’s my passion to see others set free just as Jesus has set me free.  Yet even as a “freedom writer”, there are times that I fight fear.  Even this past week, while working on this post, I battled against fear and self doubt.  I recognize my tendency to slip into fear mode more quickly nowadays and this is what I do: 

I make a conscious decision to trust God and step forward by faith, right into fear. Click To Tweet

The Bible gives great examples of those who exhibited great faith in the midst of fear.  Abraham trusted God when asked to sacrifice his son Isaac (Gen. 22).  Rahab risked her life to hide spies sent into the Promised Land (Josh. 2).  The Israelites fled the Egyptians, running smack dab into the Red Sea (Ex. 14).  Talk about shaking in your sandals reasons to fear!

All of us have circumstances that usher in fear so how do we muster up the courage to put one (tentative) foot forward into that great expanse of sea and trust that God will create a safe path for us? That He will take us through fear to faith.

Let’s look at some ways to gain courage:

  1. Go straight to God and give Him all your anxious thoughts knowing that He cares deeply about your feelings. I Pet. 5:7
  2. Acknowledge that He is in control and that all our striving in our own power will never be enough. Ps. 103:19, II Cor. 12:9
  3. Be still and wait, knowing that He draws near to those who draw near to Him. Jm. 4:8
  4. Plant your feet on the Rock and declare loudly your strength in Him! Ps. 40:2, Phil. 4:13
  5. When He tells you to move, step forward, watching as fear becomes faith. Ps. 138.3
  6. Recall God’s faithfulness. I keep a Bible reading journal and often look back on previous entries to remind myself of God’s past work in my life. Ps. 77:11-12
  7. Express thankfulness to God, because we are commanded to be thankful in all circumstances. I Thess. 5:18
  8. Find someone to share with.  Pain shared is pain lessened and you may even bless someone by allowing them the chance to stand with you.

Maybe you are living in a place of fear right now, wondering how things will ever work out for you.  I know, believe me I know, how very hard it can be.  I also know that Jesus is on the side of those who love and trust Him.  He says, “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isa. 41:10 ESV

Fear creeps up unexpectedly. Grabbing hold and preventing forward movement. But there's hope - I moved from fear to faith and you can too.

I’m praying for you today dear reader, that God will speak to you and strengthen you, that He will give you hope to sustain you, and that through it all you will be filled with the joy that comes from knowing Him.

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  1. bcb0 says:

    Loved this, Patti. I’m a recovering fear-er myself…it’s sure not worth the peace we give up, is it? Thanks for sharing. So glad to be neighboring you at the Women with Intention linkup today. ((blessings))

    • Patti Krank says:

      A recovering fear-er! I love that! Just like a recovering addict of any kind we must continue to stand strong and walk in the truth of God’s word don’t we? Putting on the armor this morning 🙂
      Blessings to you,

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for this encouraging post! Something I needed to hear as I watch a relative battle depression and a life full of fear. These Bible verses are so true. Thank you for the inspiration! God bless.

    • Patti Krank says:

      Thank you for commenting on my post Christine. I understand depression. I’ve suffered depression in the past and we have a lot of depression in our family. God’s word is powerful to stand against the enemy when those feelings attempt to overwhelm. A trusted Christian friend is also a powerful thing to have. As the Bible says, we are to confess our faults to one another that we may be healed. Praying God’s healing power in your life and that He will keep your head lifted above the waves!
      Blessings to you,

  3. Valerie Sisco at Grace with Silk says:

    I love these reminders in scripture to help us have courage! I read them often and every time I do, I seem to notice something new and different that inspires me again as I read their stories! Appreciate your words today (here from Holley’s link-up)!

  4. Karen Del Tatto says:

    Patti, Thank you so much for this post. I really needed it. I am in the midst of a few fearful situations and I’m striving rather than remembering all the points you shared on how we are called to gain courage and combat fear.

    I will be sharing this post on my Feature Friday blog post which will be published this Friday, October 16th. Please feel free to come by and grab my button. 🙂

    So glad I stopped by today!

    • Patti Krank says:

      Thank you SO much Karen! What a delight to be featured on your site. I’m glad that God used this to minister to your situation and pray that you will continue to stand strong in Him!
      Blessings to you dear lady,

  5. Janis says:

    Thank you, I look forward to many more of your posts. It is so refreshing to find bloggers who aren’t afraid to express their faith. Press on……

  6. Robin says:

    This is awesome Patti. I am glad I clicked on the link on your blog to come read it! It is JUST what I needed after being in a car accident Monday that totaled my 2009 Nissan Rogue. A teenager was careless and hit us. Divine Intervention kept us from serious injury. (We do have some PT to do for a while though.) I was not giving in to the spirit of fear and today had to dive deeper into my Bible. The enemy was trying to make me “go there” with fear…especially the fear of my daughter being hurt while I am driving. I had found some great stuff this morning in the NASB Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible and am going to share it at prayer meeting as a lesson. I am going to add your post too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Patti Krank says:

      Oh Robin! I am so sorry to hear about your accident but thankful that you all are okay. I understand the fear that can come after an accident like yours but good for you for not giving in to the spirit of fear! Sharing your message at your prayer meeting will be good and will increase your faith even more. Stand against the devil and he must flee!!!
      Blessings to you my friend,

  7. Shelly says:

    Thank you, Patti. You know I’m currently facing a fearful situation in my family, which I am continuously turning over to our Lord. But tonight my fear turned to deep anger. These verses helped lighted the load of anger as well. Thank you for sharing your very insightful and inspiring words of encouragement.

  8. Sally says:

    This was a timely post for me. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to have to memorize the verses above and dwell on them. I feel blessed to have found your blogs and thanks for sharing.

  9. MM says:

    A wonderful post! Fear is not becoming to a child of God, but yet it is something that at one time or another in our walk with HIM that we all struggle with. Many times Jesus said “Fear Not”. One thing that has helped me in moments where fear threatens to immobilize and paralyze me, is to think on HIM and His righteousness, and begin to praise Him. There is something about praise rising up in my heart in the midst of a difficult situation that seems to break the chains of fear. Greater is HE who is in us than he who is in the world! Wonderful post, glad to have read it this morning 🙂

  10. Lisa Preuett says:

    Enjoyed reading this! The pictures are beautiful too! Another reminder of God’s mighty creation. Something I recently heard about fear was this: The power of the gospel frees us from fear. We are not meant to live in fear, but peace! Connecting with you from “A Spirit Kissed Soul” Blessings to you!

  11. Jane Manka says:

    Thank you for writing this! I am for sure in a place of fear and uncertainty. I’m working on a couple books I KNOW that I’m supposed to be writing. Fear of failing, fear of not doing them justice, fear of not being “enough” for God. Good thing there is no “enough”. Just Grace. Love LOVE this post! Thank you!

    • Patricia Krank says:

      Oh Jane, I too am working on a couple of books and the fear can easily try to slip in and stop us from making progress. I stand on the Word that God will accomplish that which concerns us. We simply need to do our best.
      Blessings 🙂
      Patricia Krank recently posted…Happy Veteran’s DayMy Profile

  12. Sharon H says:

    Patti, this so “you”….I love the way you communicate simple truths through your writing. You are an inspiration to me and so many others, and I know this new venue will not only give you more opportunities to share with a larger audience, but it will also give affirmation to you when the doubts creep in as to you whether you made the right decision to do this, or to say that. Second-guessing ourselves is another form of doubt, which is a form of fear. As humans, we naturally tend to revert to these feelings, and as Christians we sometimes need gentle reminders of His promises so that we can once again step into our role of a warrior for Christ. You provide those gentle reminders so well. Thank you, my friend! PS Good Job!

  13. June says:

    So much inspiration and encouragement here, Patti! I’m not by nature a fearful person, but sometimes, when things {or people} we’ve trusted in turn out to be something very different, fear can slip in. These truths you’ve shared from scripture are exactly what we need to cling to and believe in fearful times. Blessings!
    June recently posted…Inspired by . . . Day 17: His Character, OmnipresentMy Profile

  14. Cindy says:

    Fear seems to constantly knock at our hearts and minds searching for a stronghold. Thank you for the beautiful scriptures to cling to. God is so good!

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