You Need to Know About the Ministry of Ed the HVAC Guy

We think about church leadership and ministry, but I want to tell you about important ministry of Ed the HVAC Guy.

Are you in ministry?

No, I’m not asking if you are a professional church worker. In fact, you may be happily surprised that wherever you are and whatever you do can be ministry.

Consider Ed, the HVAC guy. It was time for our furnace to be checked. You know, regular maintenance. I like all the employees of the company we use. However, I was especially glad they sent Ed. He is positive, cheerful and skilled.

He is also inspiring. Ed has what he affectionately calls the “Widow’s Club.” It’s not a registered nonprofit or, for that matter, anything formal at all. The ladies in this “club” are folks that he’s met over the last 15 years in his line of work: Servicing and repairing furnaces and air conditioners.

It all started when Ed would be at their home to service their heating and cooling system. Often these elderly ladies would ask him for help fixing something completely unrelated to their homes heating and cooling system. The list includes things like fixing a doorknob or replacing a hard-to-reach lightbulb. You get the idea. Stuff that may be no big deal to you or me, but to these ladies they are a reminder of the fact that they are alone with no one to help.

We think about church leadership and ministry, but I want to tell you about important ministry of Ed the HVAC Guy. .

It’s not just that Ed willingly accomplishes the chores. He does so with joy, encouragement and no extra charge. He tells them, “No problem. Make a list. Next time I’m here I’ll do what’s needed. And, so they do … and so he does.”

When more than a year went by and he was not called to the home of one of the “club members” he became concerned about her. When he was finally called to that home, there were new owners. “Oh, no.”

It turns out that the new owners were able to tell him that she had moved to a senior facility and was doing well. So, no further prospects of a maintenance contract or voluntary home repairs. But, it was never about that. Ed embraces his profession and his whole life as opportunities to care and express Christian love. Need proof? Yesterday Ed had lunch with this dear lady just to see how she was doing.

What an inspiring reminder! Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, the Lord would have us remain aware of opportunities to serve, love, care and encourage with eyes and hearts open.

In so doing, you bless others, honor the Lord and experience that wonderful, deep joy that comes with selfless acts of service–whether large or small, paid or unpaid, visible or quietly behind the scenes.

May the Lord give us eyes and hearts not just for intentional and planned acts of Christian love, but also for opportunities that we might miss if we’re not looking.

Are you called to help others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies so that God will be glorified through Jesus Christ—to him be glory and power forever and ever. Amen. I Peter 4:11 TLB

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