Wilderness Musings

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Most of us have been through the wilderness a time or two, have we not?  For Christ followers, this often means going through a time of spiritual drought, distance from God, lack of direction, uncertainty and even doubting our faith.

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At my ladies Bible study group the other day the subject of John the Baptist’s time in the wilderness arose.  One of the ladies started a conversation going about how the wilderness might actually be a good place to spend some time.  As the conversation developed around the table a lot of thoughts about the wilderness were thrown around which made me think of the wildernesses we go through in a much different light.

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  • When the Jewish people were in the wilderness they were provided for in every way, food, clothing, even direction, with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.
  • The Jewish people were absolutely showered with God’s grace and mercy in the wilderness as, even with their complaining, He answered their prayers time and time again.
  • The wilderness can be a place of intense heat where impurities are purged, resulting in purer gold.
  • The wilderness can be a place of intense pressure.  Diamonds are created under this kind of pressure.
  • A wilderness can be a place of growing our faith and our reliance on God.  When we can’t see our way out and admit we are powerless, it becomes easier to submit to God.
  • The wilderness can be a place of transition, a training period for new things, even a promotion in ministry.
  • Spiritual warfare is learned in the wilderness.  It is where Jesus was compelled or driven to, to be tempted by Satan and to overcome!
  • The wilderness can be a place of resting in God and allowing Him to shower us with His love.

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The Bible is filled with examples of people whom God brought through the wilderness, not to make their lives difficult, but to prepare them for something greater.  Ex.  Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Jacob, David, Paul, even Jesus.

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So while most of us wouldn’t consciously choose to go into the wilderness, it is a place that sometimes God calls us to.  It may be the only place He can fully get our attention.  It may be a time to receive fresh revelation or insight.  It may be a time to be broken and realize that there is power in brokenness.  Hopefully, we can rest in knowing that no matter where our wilderness leads us, God is in control, He loves us with an everlasting love, and His desire is always to make something better of our lives.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


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  1. Robin says:

    I have been thinking about this one a lot lately…
    “The wilderness can be a place of intense heat where impurities are purged, resulting in purer gold.” I remember my Pastor doing a Bible study lesson that included this topic.

    I have been thanking God for all this pain I have due to my car accident in October. I know He has a plan, and this has to be, for now, to get me to where He wants me to be. Daily I say “I don’t claim this”, to what the doc’s have said…bulging disc in the lower back and 2 herniated discs in my neck. I still don’t have a diagnosis on the nerve pain in my arm, wrist and hand, but it seems it stems from the herniated discs. I have many restless nights and wake up with at LEAST a stiff neck. I have many migraines (more than usual). Then there is all the OTHER stuff that is currently malfunctioning in my earth suit. LOL!

    But God knows what He is doing. I concentrate on the joy in my life. There is a LOT of it!

    A small example…we rescued a dog on 12/31, and he is having some issues right along with me. OY! You wouldn’t know it, though. He is happy, playful, and he makes us laugh. He is just grateful to be living INSIDE, and not roaming the streets, looking for food. He is grateful for a FAMILY who loves him. We could take a lesson from our pets!

    Ps 105:19 Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him (NASB).

    My Bible gives a great explanation…Whomever God uses greatly, He first tests thoroughly. That last line has been my mantra for the last 5 years. I repeat it to myself EVERY time something is going haywire. (Which is usually DAILY these days.LOL)

    I am looking forward to the fabulous “job” God has for me in the future, so whatever it takes to get there….I’m all in!!! (Play on words with the job thing…in order to get the “job” I have to go through a little of what “JOB” went through! LOL)

    God made me strong-willed and gave me great perseverance (like Job) since I was very young for a reason! I have bounced back quickly from some REALLY rough stuff in my life….some of the same stuff I see people holding onto for decades and wondering WHY their lives are miserable. I don’t do drama. I don’t do misery. Never have. I could never see the purpose in holding on to misery…allowing someone else to have any kind of POWER over me.

    And I thank Him for every second of all of that JUNK I had to go through!!! 🙂

    • Patricia Krank says:

      You’ve certainly been through a lot Robin, and your attitude is amazing!!! I love the story you tell of your rescued dog. Don’t you love how our pets are examples to us of how to deal with troubles? They aren’t worrying about what come next when they have us taking care of them. I wish my faith was as pure as my dogs, that’s for sure!
      Blessings 🙂
      Patricia Krank recently posted…Freedom Friday – The Lie of PerfectionismMy Profile

  2. Michele Morin says:

    The groaning and the growing that take place in the wilderness are not something that I yearn for, but I am learning (slowly) that times when I feel the absence of God, or when my circumstances are dry and dusty, these are times to hunker down and see what God has in store. He never wastes anything, so I want to trust him more.
    Michele Morin recently posted…Strength Training for Countercultural WomenMy Profile

  3. Shelly says:

    I love these great reflections about the wilderness. Very true. I’m sharing this.. FYI 😉👍. Thank you, Patti!

  4. Lux G. says:

    That place is just so familiar to me. 🙂 How many times have I been there? I lost count.

    I’m happy to be out of it all the time. God has been faithful to me. And every time, I don’t just come out of it, but I come out of it better.

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